Strength of the Heart

by Kimberly Giangregorio

      It’s all about following dreams. I believe everyone should at least make an attempt to follow his or hers. For there is no such thing as failure, it is a journey and taking that first step you can already say something Millions of people cannot. “I Tried”. Only thing is I never knew writing would be my dream. My journey still continues, and I believe everything happens for a reason.

      I was raised in a small town of Holbrook, Massachusetts. I chose my Junior year to leave my Public High School to go to a Private School to better my education. I was such a math geek Loved numbers equations, anything to do with math. I believe I may have had a talent as an accountant. I was horrible however in English. My senior year I met my English teacher Mr. Gus Lawlor. “Gus Gus” I came to know him as. I believe he may have sensed my dislike for the subject. He asked what I disliked about it and I would proceed to tell him. Everything, nouns, pronouns, conjunctions (junction what’s your function). He proceeded to hand me my textbook. It was not your basic textbook. It was Arthur Conan Doyle, and I enjoyed every bit of the wonderful Sherlock Holmes story. For class we had to write our own mystery, and I actually enjoyed it. I passed it in, and few days later Gus asked to see me after class. There on his desk sat my paper. It had a large “A” on the top but throughout the whole paper were red marks. When asked how that was possible, he proceeded to tell me my grammar was well, not very good. However that is what they pay editors for, and that I was a great storyteller and should consider writing. He was so serious when he said it; I was a teenager and laughed it off. I did enjoy writing that story though.

      Years later I found myself doing a lot of thinking of how much I actually wanted to try to write a story. I tried, and tried and tried. I succeeded with a Children’s Book, but found anything other than that level to just not work.  In October of 2001 I lost a very important woman to me. My Aunt Ginny had passed away. Her daughter was more of a sister to me than a cousin. She had come home from directing school; I stayed the week with her at her house. It was a very difficult time and at three in the morning before the wake we decided to go to Bickford’s for coffee. It was there she informed me she would not be able to return to college. Being a director was always her dream. I insisted she HAD to return. It was her dream. She informed me that I once told her I would write a book. So, we made a pact. I would write a book and she would find an affordable directing school and return. I returned to my own home after the funeral. I decided I really wanted to try this book, and decided that I wanted everyone to know what it was like to have an Aunt Ginny.

      I played a CD that I enjoyed immensely by a group Rascal Flatts. The song “It’s Not Just Me” played, suddenly a story played in my head like a movie. The title was easy, it was going to be a story about a woman who had lost many loved ones but yet still had the ability to love. I wanted something that showed the “Strength of the Heart”. The story was born. I wrote every morning on my train ride to work. Three years later I had a book. This book is not autobiographical, only character real is the aunt. I was confident that it was a pretty good book.  Few publishers turned me down but PublishAmerica said they would like to publish it. I asked my girlfriend who is a very talented artist to do my book cover. Kelly Moore has a dream to be a well-known artist. I wanted a cover that on a shelf would grab the attention of a passerby. I feel she did an incredible job. She grabbed all the emotion in the book and put it into a painting.  It was everything I wanted in a cover and more. What I also would like to share is that the month my book was published, my cousin Jennifer graduated from directing school.

      It was very difficult journey to get my book published. It is a POD (print on demand) book, which requires me to do all my own promoting. Unless I can generate mass email to Oprah my book will never find it’s way to her book club, or Top ten sellers list (girl can dream though can’t she) I am hoping for a big name for my future books. For you see since that horrible moment in my life in October I have not stopped writing. I recently had the children’s book re-illustrated and now looking to get it published. I am 51 pages into my new book Broken Road.

      For those curious to know yes, “Gus Gus” showed up at my first book signing after eighteen years and told me just how proud of me he is. I know my aunt would be proud of me as well. You can find excerpts from my new book can be found on my website and more information on

      “Strength of the Heart” can be purchased at and , (review available on both as well) Also available on or you can request your local Barnes and Noble store to order it for you.  I have had the wonderful opportunity to visit with Ms Suzie Wiley in Alabama and was a guest on Talk of the Town and Valley Happenings. I have had books signings in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Nashville, TN. My journey is still going and cannot wait to see where this road takes me to next.

      I want to Thank all of those that have purchased, read, told a friend about the book, or wrote a review of the book! Thank you for your Love and Support!

May all your dreams come true!

~Kimberly Giangregorio




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