Put Your Best Face Forward!

By Brittany A. Keller, MUA

Prom is finally here, and itís all about having fun and being you this year.  No frowns allowed around town with these tips to make you shine!  Here are three ways to create a shining star look for your big dance. 

Step 1: Create a Healthy Glow !

Great make-up starts with great skin. How to get it:

1. Wash your face twice daily.


  • Sleeping in your make-up causes the spread of bacteria, causing your skin to break out.

  • Removes dirt and oil.

  • Without removing the build up you get on your face daily, it promotes aging. By allowing dirt and oil to settle into lines, it creates a deeper line more quickly.

2. Exfoliate.


  • Creates a smoother, more even skin tone.

  • Dead skin cells tend to settle in lines and pores causing wrinkles, blemishes, and enlarged pores.

  • Allows moisturizer to work at its best by allowing it to penetrate the skin deeper.

  • Creates a more natural look when using foundation and powder by eliminating dry patches and flaky skin.

3. Moisturize for your skin type.

Why?    (You can be oily but still need moisture below the surface)

  • Moisture is a mix of oil and water. (For oily skin or acne prone skin, use an oil free moisturizer.  Oily skin needs moisture too!)

  • Helps repair moisture barrier to create strong healthy skin.

  • Allows skin to be more flexible.

  • Improves color of skin and radiance.

Hot tip: Notice that youíre breaking out on your cheek close to your ears or on your chin?  Avoid this problem by keeping your telephones clean.  Cell phones, house phones, and work phones, (especially if you share a phone with many people) spread bacteria to your face, clogging the pores.  By keeping your phones clean it will lessen your chance of break outs in these areas and keep your skin healthier.  Also, hands free devices will help clear up your problem.

Step 2: Find your perfect match foundation and/or powder !

The perfect color creates the perfect look.  Finding the perfect color and formula of foundation is like finding the perfect pair of shoes for your dress.  You have to try them on to make a decision.  I would recommend going to a department store where you have the option to try on a foundation before you purchase it.  Although department store prices are higher, you are guaranteed a perfect match, along with the option of exchanging your product for a different one if you arenít 100% satisfied.  That is not all!  You can ask a professional about the different formulas to find a foundation to take care of all your skin care concerns (dryness, shine, acne, discoloration etc.). How to get it:

1. Show up with a clean moisturized face.


  • Allows you to find a color that matches your natural color.

  • Will prevent discoloration if skin is clean.

  • Moisturizers help foundation go on more smoothly.

2. Try 3 or more colors.


  • Allows you to compare colors and make the best choice.

3. Match to face not inside of arm.


  • The skin on your face is not the same color as your arm.

  • Prevents the line of color change on your face.

When applying your foundation, blend color slightly onto your neck, and behind your ears.  Your jaw line stands out from your face; by blending you create a softer more natural look.  Use a loose powder to set your foundation.  Transparent powder works best to avoid a chalky finish. 

Step 3: Its all about color and style !

Make it your own. Prom is a special day, and special days require a special look.  Try something that no one else will be wearing.  Be creative, bold, and personalized.  Use your eye make-up to enhance the vibe of your dress.  Itís like playing dress up with all of your friends.

Hot tip: The odds are, you will be in a lot of pictures on your big night out.  To avoid looking washed out in pictures, do not use anything with SPF in it for the night.  The SPF in cosmetics appears lighter in pictures than in person.  Also, use a little extra blush and some bronzer to brighten up your face for the night!


Featured Model:  Paige, Age 17, KY




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